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Europe is a journey into a place rich in history, diverse in culture, beautifully romantic and delicious food & wine.  

From sipping limoncello on the Almafi Coast, to the most scenic vineyards in the country side of France, Italy, and Spain, to island-hopping in stunning Greece or exploring lesser traveled countries such as Sweden, Turkey, Portugal and Switzerland — where do you start?

Whether you are planning your next CEO Getaway, romantic vacation or a motivating, aspirational team incentive travel experience, you will be glad you choose to visit this diverse & beautiful continent. 

Those who travel a lot know exactly what makes Europe
so wonderful, so special and so rich


The Caribbean is mixture of white sandy beaches, azure waters, beautiful sunsets and stacked with stunning beauty.

From the uncrowded beaches of Anguilla, to the perfect year round weather of Aruba, to the lush dramatic hills of Saint Lucia, to the clear waters of St. John, to the waterfalls of Grenada and to the friendly scenic island of St. Nevis, the Caribbean is the place to go when you or your team need a break from the fast, hectic pace of everyday life to enjoy a slower pace to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.  

With beautiful uncrowded beaches the Caribbean is a vacation mecca for the rich and famous and beach lovers everywhere.  


The United States, due to its size and diverse geography, offers an astonishing array of extraordinary experiences for adventure and relaxation; allowing you and your team to escape from life's daily demands and deadlines. 

From the rocky cliffs of Malibu, to the breathtaking islands of Hawaii, to luxurious nature getaways from Montana to Utah, to the stunning spa destinations of Arizona to Santa Fe, to the variety of wine regions of California, to summer on the coast of New England, to the visually stunning cities of Charleston and Savannah, you can enjoy new experiences year after year.

Being one of the largest countries in the world, discerning travelers will have a pick of luxury destinations to recharge & reconnect. 

Mexico & Costa Rica

 With Mexico's breathtaking beaches and exclusive resorts — let the relaxation begin.  Costa Rica promises an adventure of a lifetime, relaxed luxury and a natural beauty to recharge, reconnect and be at one with nature.

From hiking volcanos & waterfalls, to zip-lining across rainforests, to trekking the cloud forest, to relaxing in natural hot springs, to a refreshing day at #1 spa in the world — when you arrive in Costa Rica an elevated vacation awaits. 
Experience the ultra-luxury beach resorts & spas in Los Cabos & Cancun and indulge in a lavish Mexico escape!

With a perfect combination of stunning scenery, endless sunshine and beautiful beaches, there's no surprise why Mexico & Costa Rica are top vacation destinations at any time of year.

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