Unconventional Retention for your high Achievers

Say no More!

Say hello to an incentive travel program that motivates your team, creates deep connection and inspires your high achievers to never stop striving for more. 

In an ever-changing market, rewarding and celebrating your team means being innovative in how you support and show appreciation for them. Cash giveaways, end-of-year trophies, or common travel destinations are incentives that did little for team morale years ago (and do even less now). 

My signature incentive travel program makes improving team morale simpler and more inspired than ever before. With a uniquely curated and incentivized lavish travel experience, you can attract new team members, value the work of your top performers in the way they deserve, and give your middle performers ongoing inspiration to grow.

Innovation creates resilience

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What’s so different about  it? 

To win as a team you have to play as one too. Which is why we’re not just booking a trip. We’re designing an enriching program to elevate your team on a whole while giving dedicated attention to your star performers.

We’ll design an incentive program that excites your team, implement that program to fire up the motivation with gratifying monthly rewards and inspiring goals, then reward your high achievers with the trip of a lifetime. 

My Signature Framework 

Your roadmap to creating sticky connections, memorable moments and deeper relationships that builds a team that grows and inspires. 

In Phase 1, we’ll pinpoint the type of program (fixed or tiered) that works best for achieving your goals. 

Next, we’ll outline all the exciting details of your incentive experience. From monthly goals & rewards to the end-of-year lavish travel experience, we’ll create a clear path to team unity, motivation and success. 

(We’ll even name your new incentive travel program, and create a new logo for branding!)

Finally, in a mini-event, we’ll unveil the new program to your team and start drumming up the excitement!

In Phase 2, we’ll get to work on firing up your team and keeping them motivated all year long.

Through the outlined monthly goals and unique rewards, they’ll receive things just for them throughout the year that will help them keep the end-of-year travel experience top of mind.

This is also where you’ll begin to see team morale building due to these early displays of appreciation and the excitement of the big reward!

At the end of the year, you’ll announce the winners and discuss next steps towards basking in the reward of a rare travel experience! 

Not only will delivering on your promise build trust, but the sticky connections and memorable moments you’ll make on the trip will build deeper relationships for a stronger and more prosperous team. 

After that? 

You and I start planning for next year!!

Design an experience, create a connection. 

Implement a plan, build towards a moment.

Reward the work, deepen the relationship. 




With a new lavish destination every year and fun motivating goals and rewards throughout, this program will keep the interests of your top performers intrigued while simultaneously pushing them to grow for new heights all under your helm. 

Retain &

The cut-throat days of competition are over. Cultivate a supportive, bonded company culture with a common goal. You’ll motivate your team to smash their sales goals while bringing out the best in each other for an impact that lasts beyond a trophy collecting dust. 

Cultivate & Motivate 

This program is not offered anywhere else. Not only will you intrigue potential new agents to join your team, but you’ll also inspire your current team members to connect with each other over a common goal with monthly and yearly rewards customized to the unique personalities on your team. No cash bonus can give you this level of connection—no matter the number of zeros at the end. 

Intrigue & Inspire 

Custom Incentive Travel Program

By designing, implementing, and rewarding your team with incentive travel, you’ll create the gift that keeps on giving. You’ll: 

They want more than money.
They want happiness.

When you give your team an incentivized travel experience, you’re going beyond the industry standard. You’re creating a connection to your team that’s more than the cash and leads you provide. You’re creating something deeper. 

When you give them this experience, you're not just shelling out another bonus check, you're investing in their happiness. And that breaks open so many doors on what you can all do together.


Your incentive program is not for everyone, and that’s intentional. Every aspect of your trip is designed with your top talent—and agents in the middle with big potential—in mind. A top-talent-focused program will make your MVP team members feel truly valued.


Create a targeted program designed to reward and recognize the very best on your team. 

You need more than a cookie-cutter approach to incentive travel to achieve your goals. We’ll work together to uncover your target audience and what motivates them, then build your entire program around that for an incentive travel experience that’s irresistibly attractive. 


Custom-designed to appeal to your team’s unique desires.

With my incentive travel background, I’m equipped to help you determine and effectively communicate what revenue goals qualify your team for your incentive program, so your agents stay striving to hit benchmarks all year long.


A “wow!”-worthy travel experience that’s elite, 
exclusive, and something worth striving for.