90 Minute Coaching Intensive

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What's Included

We will go deep for 90 minutes of intensive coaching on your #1 weight loss challenge and goal.  

What is it in you are struggling with that prevents you from starting or sticking to your health and fitness goals?  We’ll identify your current mindset and habits that don't align with your health and weight loss goal.

Then we will create wellness blueprint (roadmap) to tackle one of the most common challenges my clients face: eating better, exercising more, creating healthy habits or managing stress.

You will have unlimited access to me through email and Voxer for the next 7 days after our call for added support and help. 

Then, we will have a final follow-up 30 min call at
the end of 7 days.   

Together we will identify and tackle your #1 challenge and design a realistic action plan created uniquely for you so you can start to create that healthy life & body you desire.
You will leave the call knowing what to do next.  

Part 1 Coaching - 30 minutes
Discover where you are at right now 
Establish your #1 healthy goal or challenge 
Identify your Why behind your #1 goal - we will go deep
Examine your current habits or patterns that’s holding you back

Part 2 Create a Vibrant Body Wellness Blueprint - 45 minutes 
Design a plan of action you going to implement to achieve your goal
Establish new healthy habits to accomplish this one goal 
Create the best healthy routines to incorporate new habits into your busy life 

Part 3 - Success & Support Planning - 15 minutes 
Pinpoint any doubts or obstacles to your success
Create three positive daily affirmations
Recommend additional support, tools & resources 

- Schedule your 30 minute follow-up call 
BONUS - Unlimited access to me through email and Voxer for the next 7 days after our call for added support and help.

90 minute Coaching Intensive
one time Investment $197