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Incentive travel experiences that Retain, Inspire & motivate your high achievers

Reward your team (and yourself) with a motivating travel experience that opens the doors to for deeper connections that
one-and-done incentives just can’t.

Go beyond the industry standard

"It's time to unleash the power of incentivized travel program and create the perfect reward for your top performers."

How does this work?

Value your team beyond the fleeting satisfaction of cash bonuses and occasional shoutouts. 

Celebrate your top performers and inspire new agents to join your team with an exciting and one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Beyond just booking a one-time trip, We'll help you build a travel incentive program to motivate the ones team and  reward your star performers. 

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You’ve traveled for clients, events, and your team. But when’s the last time you traveled for YOU? Although the calendar may always be filled with new reasons to postpone, creating time for yourself is non-negotiable. 

You need your own moments to recharge, refresh and deepen the connections with those who matter most to you. 

So no more excuses, my beautiful friend. 

Let me plan that experience just for you so the inspiration can flow through. Create the time now to inspire yourself as a leader and creator.

The CEO Getaway: The CEO way to step away, step back, and make time for you.

Planning for them? Let’s plan for you too. 

Hello,  I'm Jamillah Lopez

For the past 10+ years, I’ve worked with top real estate team leads and CEOs as a luxury event planner and travel advisor. And over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two. 

Thing one: The same-old trophy and cash bonus incentives have become overdone. They don’t excite, inspire, or motivate big teams. And for leaders like yourself, they’re not attracting more of the team members you want. 

Thing two: When all is said and done, you’re still not taking care of yourself. Yes, you’re creating and supporting a team that reaches new levels of success. But creating time and space to celebrate yourself is just as important, no matter how busy your calendar gets.  

That’s why I’ve created simple, fun, and proven solutions to end these challenges for good. With my extensive experience, quality connections, and one-of-a-kind framework, I’ve paved the way to give you and your team travel experiences you won’t forget. 

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I make a happy, connected team culture simple and sustainable.

Let me help you create  rewarding travel experiences that motivate & inspire.  

Whether you’re looking for an incentive travel program that attracts, motivates, and inspires your team all year long or a CEO getaway that recharges your mind and body, I can’t wait to make it a reality. 

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New experiences & unforgettable moments lie ahead.

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With so many destinations to choose from, I want to get to work curating an incentive travel experience that will give you or your team lasting memories!