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I help busy, successful women feel fit, develop mindful eating + fitness habits, and make healthy lifestyle changes to support
long-term weight loss
and vibrant health

I haven’t always been an active, healthy person. The pressure and demands of my thriving travel & event planning career and my lack of understanding of healthy eating meant I spent most of my adult life overweight and exhausted.

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Before discovering the power of mindful eating and the importance of clean, nutritious food, I tried every diet out there. I ate a vegan diet and saw some success, but was still overweight. So I tried Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, and even reintroduced meat to try the popular low carb, high fat Keto trend.

Nothing worked.

Until I discovered a holistic approach that helped me shed over 70 pounds … and keep it off for good. 

After graduating a in-depth Integrative Nutrition Certification program, I now coach women just like you who want the freedom and energy that comes from reaching a healthy weight and feeling good about what you put in your body in a
sustainable and achievable framework.

I achieved the success I had only dreamed of when I learned how to slow down and make time for healthy, conscious eating and regular exercise. 

When I finally learned how to ditch the diet and embrace a holistic approach to my health, I started seeing real, permanent change. 

Let’s be clear: Being overweight is not a crime and the number on the scale does not mean you are less valuable as a person.

But when I was overweight, I did experience many challenges, both to my health and self-esteem. I found myself unable to engage in certain activities and was exhausted by my workload and personal responsibilities.
I wasn’t thriving.
I wanted to enjoy my life and fully participate. Being overweight was holding me back from living life as the fit, vibrant, joyful person I wanted to be… and I knew that couldn’t be my story.

Things changed for me once I understood the importance of mindful eating and clean, whole food nutrition.
I didn’t have to trade the exhaustion of being overweight for the exhaustion of counting calories and following a strict, unsustainable diet.

My Story

With my holistic approach to health, you will:

Eat the right foods that will nourish your body and make you feel good without stress

Trust yourself to know when you are hungry instead of relying on a clock, social setting, points or calorie counting to dictate when, what and how you eat

Move your body daily in ways that are enjoyable instead of forcing yourself to follow a specific workout plan that does not fit your fitness personality 

Do all of this and lose weight with a new healthy mindset & strong habits

yes, I want This!

I have traveled throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. I even moved to a remote island off the coast of Panama and stayed for 4 years...loved every day living near the beach.

I am Hodophile (Travel Lover)

Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and anything ginger are my all time favorites. 
I make a delicious gluten free, vegan
dark chocolate chip cookie!

I am a Gluten-free
cookie monster

I never met a stranger and I can talk for hours. 
BUT I crave and enjoy at least two hours everyday to be alone and recharge or to engage in introspection...my healthy way to befriend myself and connect with my thoughts and feelings. 

I am Extrovert who craves alone time 

Yes, I am a young grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.  
I often have people ask me,
"What do you have your grandchildren call you?" 
I proudly say Grandma!  

I am grandmother 

I started by simplifying my diet and eliminating what didn't serve me. Then I took a good look at things causing stress to my body and life and created simple habits & routines that supported how I wanted to feel.
I feel lighter, happier, and my health & energy
improved dramatically.

I am a Health minimalist

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Discover what your current nutrition, fitness & wellness challenges and goals are and design a plan crafted for you.
1:1 Coaching through weekly video sessions and daily communication using my Vibrant Wellness Framework. 
Transformation in your body, mindset & habits in a healthy, achievable & sustainable framework that fits into your busy life without overwhelm. 

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